Thoughts and musings in progress

Is TK a person, place, or thing?

Dan Flavin, Chinati Foundation, Marfa, TX. May 2023.
Larissa Pham

The theory of everything has a shape:

It shapes the myths I hear, my poems, my research…

Blinkies were once everywhere

Now I can’t find a single one

Has earnest been banished?

I’ll always go looking tomorrow

Love prepares me for the laughter at my back

I’m still thinking about her

Self-Portrait (1995) by Yayoi Kusama. Collection of The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art.

And her…

Untitled (Torture) (2019) by TJ Shin.

I find her in the strangest places…

Onggi (as if from a firm esophageal column) (2020) by TJ Shin.
(Sometimes nowhere at all)

And yet, maybe sometimes she doesn’t want to be found.

Did you ever think of that?

I don’t know what I’m asking for anymore…do you?

Thoughts scatter

Scatter your thoughts

Skittering up the block